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We sell the best e-liquid around.

It’s a big claim, but we’re happy to back it up. We know exactly what goes into our bottles of juice, because we’re the people who put it there.

Every bottle of e cig liquid you buy from Kik has been formulated, mixed, tested and bottled here in our Manchester Liquid Lab.

We’re not importing cases of this stuff and slapping a label on it. We make it in-house. Because a great vape needs great juice. And we’re the only people we trust to get it right every single time.

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Introducing Nardin: Kik’s Secret Weapon

This is Nardin. She’s a chemist. And her working day is all about vaping.

Nardin is the mind behind all of our flavours. She’s the one who mixes the flavourings to get the exact taste you’re looking for. Scattered around the lab, you’ll find dozens of bottles of test batches – each one a step closer to vaping perfection.

Then, once the flavour’s right, and other members of our team have had a taste, it’s time to mix up a full batch.

Ever wondered what goes into a bottle of eliquid? Probably not.
We bet you’ve always thought it’d be some huge list of weird chemicals.

Well here’s the list. Take notes. There’s going to be a test.

Propylene Glycol (PG)
Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
Food-grade Flavourings
Nicotine (optional)

Four ingredients. There’s more ingredients than that in a loaf of bread

Anyway, Nardin mixes these ingredients to get the right PG/VG mix (more VG for cloud liquids), the right taste, and the right amount of nicotine. Then the batch is tested using a whole host of expensive equipment that she insisted we buy her. If it’s all good to go, it leaves the lab and heads out into the place where we keep all the cogs and gears.

Next Step, Bottling

Feast your eyes on the Kik bottling plant. Hundreds of bottles an hour, all filled with our high quality liquid under the watchful eye of .

Once the caps are tightened, the labels are on and the boxes are sealed, our liquid heads out to our customers.

Every step of the way, we know exactly what’s going on and why. That’s why we can make massive ballsy declarations about how good our eliquid is.

Because every drop comes directly from our Liquid Lab. And there aren’t many other eliquid manufacturers who make everything in house.

Put us to the test. Order a batch now.

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