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Don’t panic. This isn’t an Apple iVape that’s going to be out of date the second you spend £400 pre-ordering it. This is Kik Apple e-vape liquid.

Crisp, tangy and incredibly tasty, this is one Apple you can enjoy without spending over the odds for a piece of glass and plastic. Instead, you just use it to top up your vape and spend the next few hours enjoying an intense fruit flavour.

Available strengths: 11mg, 16mg


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Review by Ex-Smoker

16 August 2018

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This Apple flavour was nice but it wouldn't be one that I'd vape on day in day out. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it but for my pallet it was just a bit too sweet. If you like apple juice, then I'd recommend you give this liquid a chance. I still use this liquid from time to time and it's certainly a good back up when I'm running low.