Cool Apple (VG)


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3 x 10ml VG 80% For Sub-ohm Coils Only
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UK Made

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Cool Apple Vape Juice

Move over room temperature apple juice – it’s time for a cool and refreshing summertime treat.

Somewhere between a freezing cold apple slushie and a chilled pint of apple cider sits Kik Cloud Cool Apple. It’s tangy, it’s sweet, and it’s designed to be even more refreshing than a post-work pint.

Sod the scrumpy. Pour a bottle of this bad boy into your mod tank and hit the beer garden*.

*Please note: As a Manchester-based Company, Kik is duty bound to inform you it’s going to rain as soon as you get to that beer garden. Don’t blame us. We don’t make the rules.

Cool Apple (VG)

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Review by MagicMike

27 November 2018

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Having tasted most of the kik clouds, this one is in the middle somewhere. It's definitely apple, so tick. It's got the right amount of coolness. Tick. Think iprefer sweeter liquids like strawberry and docs blend for the menthol