Gobsmacker (VG)


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3 x 10ml VG 80% For Sub-ohm Coils Only
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Gobsmacker Vape Juice

This lip-smacking liquid’s based on our everlasting sweetshop favourites. It’s a flavour with balls – which shouldn’t surprise you given that it’s a powerful liquid gobstopper.

A big creamy bubble-gum gobstopper flavour tickles your tastebuds before a definite aniseed hit says hi as you exhale – this flavour stays fresh and interesting vape after vape.

And the best part? Instead of that gobstopper jaw-ache, the end result of the gobsmacker is a huge thundercloud of vapour.

Gobsmacker (VG)

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Review by Sipl

21 August 2018

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If you like the taste of liqourice, enjoy having your throat feel like you've taken a vodka shot and like a sweet smell this ones for you. 10/10 Would buy again Harsh but dank