Raspberry Zing (VG)


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3 x 10ml VG 80% For Sub-ohm Coils Only
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Raspberry Zing Vape Juice

As far as vape flavours go, it’s hard to improve on a good fruity, juicy and sharp raspberry juice. Hard, but not impossible.

We know it’s not impossible, because we managed it. This raspberry zing has that sharp raspberry hit you’ve come to expect. Then it gets even better. There’s a cool finish to this that will take you by surprise.

Or it would, if we’d not just told you about it. Right, forget everything we said about the cool finish, buy your Raspberry Zing ejuice, and then act all surprised about it.

You’ll be glad you did.

Raspberry Zing (VG)

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have had better

Review by hotman

27 November 2018

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tried other flavours like docs blend and cherry sherbet which are amazing. not a big fan of this one. not a bad liquid but just a bit too much sweet