Docs Blend 6mg High VG Liquid

6mg - Low 3 x 10ml VG 80% For Sub-ohm Coils Only
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Doc’s Blend Vape Juice

There’s a man who wanders around the Kik labs. He oversees the production of our liquids. He’s been here longer than anyone else, and nobody knows his real name. He’s simply “The Doc.”

So imagine our surprise when the team opened up the Liquid Labs to find the recipe for this mysterious vape left on a note made of letters cut from the newspapers. There’s a hint of fruit here, some liquorice, and what could be aniseed. And underneath all that, something dark and mysterious.

This flavour has to be tried to be believed. Doc’s Blend is an experience that defies description.

Available strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Docs Blend 6mg High VG Liquid

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Review by Markv

12 March 2018

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Just got this one! Tastes like blackcurant and liquorice sweets with a hint of mint to me