KiK Gold Vape Kit

900mAh Battery 1x 1.8ohm Coil 2.0ml Capacity 900mAh USB Charger Cable
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The Kik Gold Vape Kit is our next level vaping device. It’s not quite a vape pen and it’s not quite a Mod, but sits somewhere between the two and offers the best of both World’s.

This kit delivers a great tasting, smooth vape, thanks to the built in air-flow control and variable voltage, all in a compact device which also features an LED display.

This is a huge upgrade to the Vape 01/Vape 02 and is a vape that’ll deliver pure enjoyment time after time after time.

So if you want a vape device which offers you more customisable power while still being sleek and discrete, then this is definitely the kit you’ve been waiting for.

The Battery

The Kik Gold Vape is able to deliver between 3.4v and 4.8v and is powered by a 900mAh internal battery. This will see you through the day (between 8-10 hours) on a full charge depending on how you vape.

Another new feature on this battery is the ability to vape while it’s charging through the micro-usb port on the bottom of the device.

The voltage is controlled by two buttons (up and down), allowing you to vape at a level that suits your needs. The higher the voltage, the stronger the throat hit and the vapour.

The unit also features a main button which operates the same as it does on most devices for your on/off and ‘firing’ options.

LED Screen

For the first time ever on a Kik device, you can see exactly how much battery you have left, as well seeing your settings for your variable voltage.

The Tank

Take even more control over how you vape, with the inclusion of a variable airflow feature on the bottom of the tank. The simple sliding operation will allow you to control which type of ‘draw’ you want. You can easily find your ideal from a nice tight draw, to something a bit bigger and looser.

Inside the tank is a 1.8ohm BVC coil which is suitable for pretty much any e-liquid from 80%PG down to 50/50 mix.

KiK Gold Vape Kit

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Kik Gold

Review by Smokey Sue

23 September 2018

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