KiK Vape 01 Mixed E-Liquid Starter Pack

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1.6ml Tank 650mAh USB Charger Cable
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If you're taking the plunge and switching over to vaping, then this vape pen starter pack is absolutely perfect for you. It's where most of us began our journey! This bundle comes includes the immensely popular Vape 01 pen kit and 3 bottles of eliquid for which you can select your desired nicotine strength. If you require a smooth, crisp throat hit and want to satisfy your nicotine cravings, then this is ideal.

A key difference between the Vape 01 and the Vape 02 pen is that these pens require you to change the clearomiser (the top unit on the device which contain the wick and the liquid) as opposed to a removable coil within the tank. You'll know it needs changing when you start to notice the clearomiser gurgling when you take a draw. An average user will probably replace it once every 10 days or so - it depends on how much you use it.

The e-liquids included within this bundle are from our Kik standard PG 80 / VG 20 range.

You Will Receive:

Vape 01 Pen (650mAh battery + CE4 Clearomiser)
USB Charging Cable
Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid x1
Mint/Menthol Flavour E-Liquid x1
Fruit Flavour E-Liquid x1

The cost of this bundle is cheaper than purchasing all of the items individually.

KiK Vape 01 Mixed E-Liquid Starter Pack

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simple setup

Review by Ken

27 November 2018

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bought this to help me give up smoking and so far it's worked. easy to use and no issues. liquids were good selection