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VApril – What is the Vapril Challenge?

Vapril is Here – Can the Vapril Challenge Help You Kick the Habit?

This month the UK Vaping Industry Association is declaring war on cigarettes. That’s right, April 2018 is the very first Vapril, and the team here at KiK thinks that’s a fantastic idea.

As of today, there are nearly eight million people in the UK who smoke tobacco – putting themselves at risk from a whole host of health issues. If you smoke, you’ll know all about them. We don’t need to go over them here because you’ve seen the warnings plastered across every single packet you buy.

But what you might not know is that 20,000 people quit smoking last year because of vaping. And that’s what Vapril is all about.

What is the Vapril Challenge?

If you’re a smoker, getting involved in Vapril is simple. Stop buying cigarettes, and instead give vaping a try.

Public Health England say that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, and that over 1.5 million vapers have stopped smoking entirely. [source] In fact, after quizzing our Facebook followers, we’ve found that Kik vapes have helped four out of every five of our customers quit completely.

[Image of the poll from here: Facebook Poll]

So how can you get started with vaping?

The Vapril website has a three-step plan:

  1. Drop into a vaping class
  2. Read their guide
  3. Share your stories on social media

Some of those stories are pretty inspirational. The Vapril site is full of tales of people who finally managed to quit after over 20 years, and Facebook and Twitter are buzzing with vapers sharing their tips for finally kicking the habit.

And then there’s this, which shows that switching to vaping could be the best decision you make for your health:

“Collated evidence by Public Health England has concluded that vaping is likely to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking. A year long study conducted by Cancer Research UK, released in 2017, found smokers who made a complete switch to vaping had almost none of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking in their results.”


That’s why we’re so enthusiastic about Vapril. Not because it means we might sell a few more vapes, but because it can change lives for the better.

How Can Kik Help This Vapril?

Kik is already joining the Vapril conversation on social media, using the #Vapril hashtags to support smokers who’ve made the switch already. And we’re making sure that when people do switch, they’re switching to high-quality e liquids that are made right here in the UK.

We currently stock a range of vape kits that are perfect for beginners. And when you bundle a Vape 02 starter pack with two packs of Kik Gold eliquid, you’ll be eligible for free postage anywhere in the UK.

Currently nearly 8 million people in the UK still smoke cigarettes. We’re hoping that by next Vapril, that number will be much, much smaller.

It all starts with you. Take the Vapril Challenge, pick up a vape, and join the million-strong club of smoke-free vapers.

We know quitting’s hard, but you’re up to the challenge!

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