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E-Cigarettes and Electronic Cigarette Liquids from Kik

Great Vape Tastes, Great E-Cig Hardware, Even Better Prices!

Cloud chasers, mod monsters and juice junkies – welcome to vaping nirvana. Kik is the home of high quality e-cigarettes and mods, UK-made electronic cigarette liquids and juices, and a whole host of vape accessories.

E-Cigarettes – Delivered Anywhere in the UK

From starter vape pen kits, through to standard e-cigs and sub ohm electronic cigarette mods, we’ve got all the hardware you need to get started on your vaping journey. But high-quality kit is only part of the story. Yes, we’ve got affordable and high-quality electronic cigarettes, but the ultimate vaping experience needs the ultimate vaping liquids.

Electronic Cigarette Liquids and Vape Juice, Made in Manchester

How do you ensure that every single bottle of eliquid you sell is of the highest possible quality? By making and mixing them in-house, of course! In our Manchester liquid lab, we combine the highest quality ingredients to create flavour-packed electronic cigarette liquids and vape juices, ranging from the standard PG liquids through to high VG cloud fuel. No matter what your taste buds are calling out for, we’ve got a vape liquid to match.
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