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E-Liquids, Eliquids, Vape Liquids – Whatever You Call Them, We’ve Got Them in Stock

When it comes to eliquids, Kik knows the score. It doesn’t matter if you call it vape juice, eliquid or e-liquid – right here in Manchester we mix PG, VG, nicotine and flavourings to create vaping liquids that our customers love. From standard tobacco liquids to nicotine-free e-shisha and even short fills, our Liquid Labs supply the whole country with the ultimate vaping experience.

We’ve got eliquid for cloud chasers, vape juice for people who savour the flavour, and a premium range of Gold 50/50 e-liquid flavours to take every single taste bud in the country to the next level. Everything is brewed right here in Manchester under the eye of our vape technicians, and we bottle our liquids in-house too. That way, when you pick up a bottle of your favourite flavour, you can be sure we’re proud of it.

Oh – and if you spend more than £10 on an order of our affordable e liquids, we’ll deliver it to you, anywhere in the UK, absolutely free!

The Kik Eliquid Range

Kik Cloud 80% VG Eliquid

Kik Standard 80% PG Eliquid

Kik Gold 50/50 Vape Juice

Kik Short Fills

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Showing Products 1-24 of 102

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